Launch of 'Tula the Tooth Fairy'

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Launch of 'Tula the Tooth Fairy' 

Tula the Tooth Fairy has launched her mission to tell everybody about Dental Defence through an exciting and educational series of digital books, aimed primarily at children between the ages of 4 ½ –9 years.

This is a fairy-tale for the 21st century filled with wonder, fun, excitement and powerful morals.

Tula and her friends will take you through a series of gripping adventures around the world, during which they make many new friends who help them stand up against the formidable Emperor Rott, their wicked nemesis and his army of Rottsters.

Tula and her team want to encourage children to take better care of their teeth and learn positive values from their exploits.

The series contains accurate educational content on how to look after their teeth, as well as other aspects of children’s health such as exercise and diet. The books, which are available in parts, will reinforce good morals such as kindness and consideration that can be applied to situations in everyday life.

Join ‘The Tula Club’ at where you can subscribe to a new book delivered every 4 weeks, in weekly segments for £8.99. You can also purchase a year subscription at a discounted rate.

The Tula Club mails a ‘gift pack’ to your home at the beginning of every new book, and contains a newsletter (‘The Tula Times’) with a joke, a riddle and a puzzle to strengthen children’s brains, together with a colouring picture to help eye-hand coordination. These activities can be enjoyed between children, their parents and their friends, encouraging positive social interaction.

Tula’s adventures are not only guaranteed to capture the imagination of children but will teach them about the importance of taking good care of their teeth.

Did you know?
  • 1 in 5 emergency children's admissions to hospitals in the UK are for dental abscesses!
  • 1 in 4, 5 year olds has decay.
  • Childhood obesity rates are rising dramatically.
  • Childhood diabetes is rapidly increasing.

Tula is here to help... her mission has begun...

For further information contact: Charly Spry at
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